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Direct Deposit

Managing money is easier when your net paycheck, Social Security, or pension check is automatically deposited into your Share Draft/Checking or Share Savings Account.

Direct Deposit Benefits

  • Your money is available immediately. No driving to the credit union office to make your deposit. While you are eating lunch, playing golf, or having fun with your children, your money is deposited in your account and is ready and waiting to pay bills, withdraw, or wait for your next need.
  • Your money is safe. You don’t have to carry your check or large sums of cash around with you. It is deposited and ready for you.
  • You comply with government regulations. All federal payments are now issued by electronic funds transfer (EFT), also known as Direct Deposit. If you will be receiving veteran’s benefits, Social Security, military pensions or salaries, or any other government payment, you’ll need Direct Deposit. Check with the agency that issues your check for what requirements you need to meet (there are some special circumstances that do not require Direct Deposit).