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Debit Card

Did you know your VAntage Trust FCU Debit Card is an easy way to make all kinds of daily purchases*, at all kinds of places? You get 24-Hour access to you accounts at almost any ATM machine.* Accepted locally anywhere you see the STAR®, PLUS, CIRRUS, or HONOR network logo. Use the card fee free at anyone of our (4) VAntage Trust FCU owned ATM’s along with these CU Network locations. If you are planning on traveling please contact the credit union office prior to your trip.

The most convenient way to pay

  • Just sign the receipt or enter your PIN and you’re on your way
  • No need to carry bulky checkbooks or too much cash
  • Continuous monitoring of your account for suspicious activity

To report lost or stolen Debit Cards, please call (570) 819-3337.
To report lost or stolen Debit Cards after hours, please call 800-472-3272.

*Daily Debit Card Limits: Cash withdrawals $500.00, Purchases $1,500.00