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The following fees may be assessed against your account

Draft Printing Fee depends on style and quantity of draft ordered
Money Order $2.00 each
Dormant account $5.00 per month
An account is considered dormant if for six months no withdrawals or deposits, other than credited dividends, have been made to the account. If account balance is $50.00 or more, there will be no fee.

Overdraft Fees for Share Draft, ATM withdrawal, or other Electronic means:

Nonsufficient funds $25.00 each
Overdraft Privilege $25.00 each
Return item $25.00 each
Teller checks $3.00 each
Account research $25.00 per hr / $5.00 per page
  $5.00 per page, $10.00 per page if older than (1) year
Stop payments $25.00
ATM Cards $1.00 per month – up to (8) cash withdrawals
  After (8) cash withdrawals – $1.00 each
Replacement Card $10.00 per card
Empty ATM Deposit Envelope $10.00
Wire Transfer $20.00 Outgoing Domestic
Copy of draft $5.00 each if less than (6) months old
  $10.00 each if over (6) months old
Safe Deposit Box $18.00 per year – 3x5
  $38.00 per year – 3x10
  $65.00 per year – 5x10
  $120.00 per year – 10x10
Lost key/Box drilling Actual cost
Loans 15 days late $25.00
MasterCard 15 days late $25.00
Bad Address $5.00 per month
Levy $90.00
Garnishment $90.00
Domestic Relations $75.00
Non Active Check Cashing $5.00
Early account closure (less than 90 days) $10.00 or share balance if less than $10.00
Bill Pay Stop Payment $36.00
e-Services $5.00 per month per Logon User
Cash advance fees for non members MC, Visa and Discover - $35.00
Cash advance fees for Members Visa and Discover $25.00 - MC no fee


*Effective March 1, 2016 – Fees are subject to change.

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